About my inspiration and my paintings 

I am Audrey Dubois and I have lived in New Zealand since August 2018. We come from Niort, close to La Rochelle, on the west coast, in France. It is a new challenge to live in New Zealand with my husband and my 2 children.

When I was young, I loved drawing. When I was 30 years old, I decided to take art lessons and I loved it. Now, my passion has become my job !

We lived not so far on the beach, in France. I love going to the beach to hear the waves. It sounds good for my spirit! It is maybe why I love painting some fish, sails and ladies on the beach and landscapes. I prefer to draw contemporary and modern pictures. I am a very positive and enthusiastic woman. I think that is why my paintings are always very colourful.

I never thought that I could exhibit my paintings ! My first time was in New Zealand ! You can discover my acrylic, watercolour and pastel paintings online, during markets and in several restaurants.

You can order a painting and I can send it overseas !

About my painting nights
Every third Friday of the month

These workshops are a good opportunity to meet new people and share our passion and skills. If you would love to be an artist, this is your opportunity ! Come to create a beautiful masterpiece amongst a small group of like-minded people.
All materials will be provided
Conditions : Places are limited

About my art classes for kids
After-school / Wednesday and Saturday morning

Kids enjoy learning new skills as well as a healthy dose of exploration : drawing, painting. They can discover new materials and techniques.

This program is the perfect blend of creative fun and fine arts education! Your child will gain both confidence and an understanding of the visual arts while building painting, drawing and mixed-media skills. Throughout the year, we explore a variety of artistic techniques : acrylic painting with paintbrush, fingers, pens..., watercolour, pastels, drawing with charcoals, art markers...
Different styles about animals, people, landscapes, flowers or abstract concepts.
Sessions are challenging and exciting from 6YO.
Every Saturday, students and/or parents can come to share a passion or discover a new activity !

About my art classes for adults
Private lesson or event, corporate event, freestyle art course
Don't be shy! Join us to leash your creativity and create whatever you want!
For beginners and intermediate.
I can organise a “tailor-made” event for you.

We keep in touch

You can follow and like my page "Week end à la mer" on Facebook and Instagram : @audreynzWE
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions : audrey.duboisnz@gmail.com
See you soon
Audrey Dubois