Do you want a special and amazing party for your birthday ? Choose what you want to paint and come with your friends and family (up to 10 kids) ! Have fun together during your 1,5h private art workshop and go back at home with your masterpiece !

  • Date:31/12/2024 02:00 PM - 31/12/2024 06:00 PM
  • Location 13e Sagewood Road, Whakamarama, Nouvelle-Zélande (Map)



This party will be gorgeous ! You will come back at home with your masterpiece ! All the materials is included. 

It is the perfect blend of creative fun and fine arts classes ! 

For 1,5 hours, your kids have the opportunity to explore a variety of artistic technics : acrylic painting with paintbrush, palette knife, fingers, pens..., watercolour, pastels, drawing with charcoals, art markers... 

I will send you some models before the party : different styles about animals, people, landscapes, flowers or abstract concepts... Your kids can choose what they want to draw or paint. 

These workshops are challenging and exciting from 5 YO. 

In option, you can book the shed for 30 minutes and come with your birthday cake ! Table, chairs, plates, napkins, spoons and ballons will be provide.